Womens Issues

Unique Challenges Girls Face & Puberty


Unrealistic body images, eating disorders, and low self esteem are epidemic in our youth. Hollywood and social media bombard our girls with photo shopped and heavily edited false versions of perfection that are often dangerous and unattainable. This causes a search for perfection, self harming behavior, peer rejection, isolation and depression and anxiety.

The sexualization of our young people contributes to rising sexually transmitted infections as well as sexual assault. 

Core self esteem is formed during middle school. That means, how we view ourselves as adults is primarily set during middle school. Kids this age are not able to reason like an adult. They struggle with impulse control and often are not able to see that decisions they make everyday contribute to consequences later. That is because the part of their brain responsible for these higher functions is not yet fully developed. On the contrary, the emotional centers of the adolescent brain are developing rapidly and this is what accounts for intense feelings and mood fluctuations. Simply, the adolescent feels very deeply.

Different Life Stages, Sexuality & Menopause


Women today face more challenges, unrealistic expectations, and responsibilities than ever. Females are inundated with societal expectations for how we should look, what our body weight should be, how we need to be a perfect parent and spouse. We often find ourselves in stressful positions of caring for an aging parent while also raising our own children. The struggles are very real and can be extremely taxing to a woman’s physical and mental health.

The challenges specific to women are vast and our counseling together will identify what you’re struggling with, focus on self-empowerment, and liberate you towards who you want to be as a woman. 

Here at Healing Hearts we specialize in  challenges that arise when a woman encounters problems at various stages in her life. Together, we can overcome obstacles related to sexuality, aging, menopause, infidelity, divorce, remarriage, blended families, role loss, becoming a widow and empty nest adjustment.

Pregnancy & Perinatal Mood Disorders


Conditions related to perinatal mood has a significant impact on some women. The most common complication of childbirth, perinatal mood issues, such as postpartum depression affect as many as 20% of new mothers in the United States, approximately 1 million women each year. In addition to the immediate effects of postpartum depression, mental health concerns can have lasting effects on both mother and child beyond the early years of motherhood. 

A mother's mental health can impact attachment, development, and the mental health of the child. If the child develops behavioral and emotional problems, this can place added stress on the mother, thus establishing a cycle of challenges for the entire family. We are here to help.